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Shay Mitchell’s Incredible Workout Routine is Truly Life-changing – Here’s Why

Discover one exercise plan that could totally help you stay fit!
Discover one exercise plan that could totally help you stay fit!

Shay Mitchell is an actor, businesswoman, mother, and one of the most genuine and inspiring people. She recently revealed how she handles her jam-packed schedule and other commitments while still finding time to work out and stay fit.

What’s her secret?

Read on to find out Shay’s life-changing routine and be ready to get inspired.

Working Out Five Days a Week

Shay made a simple change to her workout routine, and the positive results only took one month!

She decided to work out five days a week using a training program. Of course, it sounds a bit tough, but she felt how she had more energy without drinking five cups of coffee anymore. How great is that?

Source: SELF Magazine

In Stretching, We Believe

And so does Shay! One of the most significant changes she made was including stretching into her daily practice.

She prefers thoracic rotations, arm sweeps, and spidermans.

Cardio and Strength Training = Perfect Routine

Shay revealed:

“For me, it was always about a deadlift. Getting up to 50 pounds was a boss move.”

Shay joined forces with a personal trainer to get a program that included HIIT, cardio, and strength training workout.

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No Deprivation Here!

Shay’s body might have changed a lot over the last year, but she hasn’t been harsh with her diet plan. What does this mean?

She told Women’s Health that she usually eats an egg, cheese quesadilla, and spinach for breakfast. For lunch, she prefers soup, while for dinner, she usually chooses a mix of vegetables and carbs.

And that’s not all!

Shay loves snacks, too. She prefers fruits, cheese, vegetables, caramel chocolate cookies, and even chocolate-covered almonds. How cool is that?

Remember that what seems to work for a person might not have the same results for you. So, discuss with a specialist what’s best for you and come up with your plan!