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Rebel Wilson’s Diet and Workout Plan Revealed – How She Stays So Fit

Find out why Rebel sometimes wishes she'd attempted her weight-loss journey earlier!
Find out why Rebel sometimes wishes she'd attempted her weight-loss journey earlier!

Rebel Wilson enrolled in quite the self-love and weight-loss journey, and she’s not afraid to reveal everything!

The actor has shed a staggering 60 pounds over the past year, following a precise workout and diet plan. In a recent interview, Rebel reveals the changes she exactly chose to make, and her plan (surprisingly) is easy to follow!

Here is what you need to know.

Rebel Exercise a Little Bit Every Day

Rebel said that it isn’t just intense workouts that put her on track and help her deal with the weight loss goal.

She revealed:

“I have access to some amazing high-tech treatments, but what I learned is it’s really the little things that I do every day that make a difference.”

Try to go on walks and drink more water daily, as much as you can. Remember, these are some of the most reliable things that can really improve your lifestyle. Starting with baby steps shouldn’t be a sign of weakness!

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Now She Doesn’t Use Food as a Reward Anymore

Choosing to eat something you really like after doing something won’t get you where you want. At least, that’s what Rebel believes.

She admitted recently that she had discovered a calorie-free way to treat herself: buying designer accessories and clothing! How cool is that?

A Morning Workout Never Hurt Anybody

Why wait until you can squeeze in a workout in your schedule? The actor explained that she is now starting her day with exercise and doesn’t wait anymore to squeeze in anything at all.

For example, Rebel revealed that while she shot The Almond and the Seahorse, she still got time to hit up the gym in the morning for 90 minutes!

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Rebel Wanted to Start Her Weight Loss Journey Earlier

The actor admitted that she’d tried to get healthier before, but now she’s very proud of her journey, saying that after all, ‘it’s not a race or competition.”

Remember that you need to discuss with a specialist first what’s best for you. One person’s journey might not fit your shoes at all!