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Summer Party Essentials From Priyanka Chopra: How to Host a Perfect Event

Find out what it takes to party with Priyanka Chopra and discover new things to try!
Find out what it takes to party with Priyanka Chopra and discover new things to try!

Priyanka Chopra reveals the ‘recipe’ for a great summer party, including cocktails, food, and other fun things!

The beloved star sure knows how to make her soirees stand out, and she recently decided to share her essentials for what it takes to party with her.

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Priyanka Loves a Ton of Dip Options

Throwing a summer party shouldn’t be that hard, right? Well, how about a memorable one?

Priyanka has revealed that she prefers a healthy party spread. She always takes the healthy route without any regrets.

Of course, a party needs some of the most delicious food options, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be healthy! So, what’s her secret?

Priyanka chooses a crudites platter with a ton of dip options.

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Best Cocktail This Summer

Instead of serving sugary frozen beverages, Priyanka has come up with a delicious, light, and refreshing summer cocktail that combines her favorite juice, some fruits with a bit of alcohol.

Her cocktail includes:

“BON V!V’s Dragonfruit Sunrise, 1 oz. Gin, and 2 oz. orange juice to a glass with ice and top with fresh raspberries,” explains Priyanka.

She also said that spiked seltzers are one of her favorite beverages at a party. They’re refreshing and perfect for taking everywhere with you.

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Of course, you can create your signature cocktail or try to mix some with your friends at the party! Remember that fun is essential for a memorable summer party.

Fruits For the Win

Forget about chocolate cookies, ice cream, or other sweets. Priyanka says that she prefers berries and other seasonal fruit when she wants to satisfy her sweet tooth.

You can try a mix of watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries and enjoy a fantastic dessert! You can also add a small scoop or two of your favorite ice cream or some fresh whipped cream.