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Planting Trees Should Be Mandatory, As Per New Research

Choosing to plant a tree is the best decision you can make this year!
Choosing to plant a tree is the best decision you can make this year!

As Earth faces the worst-case scenario triggered by climate change and pollution, business leaders, politicians, and celebrities are calling to plant billions, maybe even trillions of trees, to curb climate change. That, say scientists, could really make a huge difference.

We’re almost 8 billion people on Earth. If everyone planted a tree annually for the next two decades, that would mean approximately 160 billion new trees.

Find out why planting trees is essential and how you can support the cause.

Trees vs. CO2

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the main culprit that causes global warming. Trees and other plants use photosynthesis to turn CO2 from the atmosphere into carbohydrates, useful for stems, leaves, and roots.

MAJOR FACT: a tree can store a lot of CO2 depending on the tree species, how old it is, and where it grows.

Let’s do the math. If the average tree takes 50 pounds of CO2/ year and we plant a tree annually for two decades, the trees would take up around 1,000 pounds (half a ton) of CO2/ year.

This shows the best-case scenario, where all the trees survived during that period, which is highly unlikely.

SOME STATS: an average person in the US produces up to 15.5 tons of CO2/ year; in India, the average person produces 1.9 tons/ year.

Planting trees is definitely a key part of the solution to climate change, but you should know that there are other more important.

Check out the inspirational video below featuring Rhiannon Tomtishen and Madison Vorva, 2011 Brower Youth Award Winners:

Taking Care of the Existing Trees

According to previous research, approximately 3 trillion trees cover our planet. As intriguing as it might seem, that’s only half as many as 12,000 years ago when human civilization arose.

People cut down approximately 15 billion trees annually, which is truly worrying yet shocking. Protecting existing forests is another essential part of fighting off climate change.

Trees can also provide habitat for thousands of animals, fruit and firewood for people, and recreational spaces in cities.

Think about it. You can make a change starting now to plant a tree for your future.