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Does Your Brand Need to Optimize For Augmented Reality?

Building a powerful social media presence can reap the rewards such as increased brand recognition, more opportunities for promotion, and more sales. Yet, building an authentic following relies on more than just having a terrific brand name. Building an engaging network that people feel is real allows you to engage in meaningful ways with your audience. The secret for that might be Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality can help you understand how consumers are experiencing your brand with augmented reality. It can help you create experiences that respond to certain events in your store or environment. The possibilities are endless. Consumer AR is currently in its infancy, so there is plenty of room for improvement. However, with time and effort, it’s possible to improve the AR tech in your products and increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

Advertisers are starting to understand the power of AR and are starting to use it to get people quickly engaged with their products. Most advertisers don’t fully understand how their video or image can be used in digital media, but they are starting to get a feel for it and might be adding AR into their next ad campaign.

AR integration is a trend that is sure to grow in the future. Imagine participating in a virtual fitting room experience as you decide on which color of sunglasses to order. Or, take a virtual walk through a department store as you try on clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. AR users can become adept at searching for products by size, color, pattern, and more.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is not just about adding digital content to the real world; it’s also about making the real world more relevant by adding information and options that would not be otherwise available. Interactive AR is emerging as a powerful and disruptive force in consumer technology, and its developers are pioneering a new type of computing that will bring computing to new levels of interactivity and personalization while furthering the cause of AR.

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