Image: Women's Health

Lucy Liu Says She’s Undergone a Dietary Transformation: New Diet, More Energy

In a recent interview, beloved actor Lucy Liu discussed the new eating and exercise habits she’s sticking to these days.

Fitter than ever, even at 52, the star has discovered an exercise and diet that keeps her healthy and feeling energized. And all that, even when she’s working long hours on set!

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Not a Vegan Anymore

Image: Women’s Health

Lucy adhered to a vegan diet for close to a year, but that was before becoming a vegetarian back in December 2020. Even if she changed her dietary plan, she said that meat wouldn’t find its way back to her meals anytime soon.

Sticking to primarily plant-based meals helped Lucy reduce bloat and keep her energy high. Her favorite meals include a soup made from lotus root, lion’s mane mushrooms, red dates, or savory quinoa porridge.

A Healthier Attitude

Lucy revealed that media scrutiny isn’t really an easy thing to deal with, but she found a way to appreciate her body.

“With all the flaws and all the life that a body experiences, it’s still something that you should carry with confidence,” says Lucy.

Short But Efficient Workouts

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If you think Lucy is spending many hours in the gym to get her enviably fit body, well, you’re wrong!

The actor prefers shorter workouts to keep her figure healthy, fit, and strong. So, what’s her secret?

20-minute workouts on her Variis bike and 10 minutes strengthening workouts at home is what Lucy really believes in! And when she’s away from home, she always chooses SoulCycle classes.

Don’t Forget About Protein!

Switching from veganism to vegetarianism might not be an easy process, but if you do it right, following straightforward steps, what could go wrong?

Lucy has revealed that she has added eggs back into her diet, and now she can create fantastic meals she enjoys with her son, age 5. Her decision was also influenced by her acupuncturist.