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For those unfamiliar with the Mediterranean lifestyle, this laid-back, relaxing and mindful way of living is also reflected in the Mediterranean diet. This diet has been studied carefully, and research indicated that it is a healthy and easy to follow a diet, associated with a decreased risk of disease. The U.S News & World Report has ranked the Mediterranean diet as number one for four years in a row due to its benefits and accessibility.

What is the Mediterranean diet?

Before starting any type of diet, it is essential to understand its principles, the foods and ingredients used and its benefit for our health. The Mediterranean diet is based on healthy food such as plants, legumes, nuts. Fruits, vegetables, fish and healthy fats: olive oil. The diet involved eating many types of foods and its diversity makes it nutritionally complete. Sources even mention that this diet could potentially help people live longer and healthier.

Is the Mediterranean diet typical one?

The answer to the question is a firm no. The Mediterranean diet is more of a lifestyle, of a commitment to heat healthy, and that does not imply counting calories. Unlike other diets, which are restrictive and with limited amounts of foods, the Mediterranean diet includes various foods and spices. Those who want to follow this diet must understand that they will lose weight only if they do caloric restriction. Just by eating healthy foods such as olives, fish, vegetables etc., does not mean a person will lose weight.

The Mediterranean diet is focused on eating quality foods and enjoying a variety of ingredients. This means that it is a diet to follow for life, in which one can enjoy dishes such as grilled fish and veggies, Greek salads, and cooking with olive oil.

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