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Full Course Meal Idea from canned and pantry goods

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic back in December 2019, and during several outbreaks and other natural disasters, many people decide to shop for extra foods and store them in their pantries. However, before some of them go stale or expire, it is time to incorporate them into our daily meals. This idea is also great if your local stores have a shortage of their supplies.

The first step is making a list

Sometimes we tend to buy many canned ingredients or canned foods, lots of pantry snacks and spice, but we forget what and how many we have. Before creating a meal plan, it is essential to take out all the stored food from your pantry, even the freezer and make a checklist. After taking this first step, the second one is to analyze all the ingredients and foods you have available and even split them into certain categories. For example canned meals, canned veggies, canned meat, frozen meat, frozen veggies, pasta and you can even add categories such as side dishes or main course.

Appetizers: A pleasant surprise

For sure, most of us have bought plenty of canned peeled tomatoes, and now it is time to use them. If you also have frozen bread or bread that might go stale, then you can create the perfect appetizer Italian Style bruschetta. To create this, cut the bread into not too thin slices. Then chop the peeled tomatoes (if they do not come already chopped). Mix the tomatoes with a bit of salt, garlic and your favourite Mediterranean herbs: basil, oregano, rosemary etc. Bake the bread just a little bit, or use the toaster. Then add some olive oil and the peeled tomatoes. I

Main dish: the star of the day

For the second dish, it is time to use all those canned beans and corn. To create the perfect bean burritos, you need your favourite canned beans, canned corn or other beans of your choice. You also need to open your pantry, take out those burritos/ tortillas, and toast them a bit. Also, if you have frozen minced meat or canned one, make sure to cook it a bit, adding your favourite Mexican spices. Wash your salad or favourite veggies. The rest is easy: place all the ingredients on the table and allow your family to create their favourite burrito. You can even cook some rice if you have too many bags stored.

Dessert: Fruit Salad

Some of us also keep canned fruits inside our pantry. This means that a fruit salad is a perfect dessert for this meal. Take out your favourite canned fruits, chop them up, add some lemon juice, honey, mint and even ice cream if you have and end the meal with the perfect sweet taste. f you run out of easy and quick meal recipes, then follow RandomMom on TikTok for more ideas:

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