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This Diet Is Recommended After Gestational Diabetes

Losing weight can be a difficult journey for everyone. However, this task can be even more so for women who have just given birth and had to fight gestational diabetes. Unfortunately, women who have gestational diabetes during their pregnancy can develop type 2 diabetes afterward. Most medical providers recommend they lose weight; however, a restrictive diet is not ideal for a new mother, especially if she is breastfeeding or recovering from a difficult birth.

The intermittent diet, known as the 5:2 diet, has been studied by researchers from the University of South Australia, and the results were encouraging.

The 5:2 diet works, and it is less restrictive

After a one-year randomized control trial, during which they compared the results of the 5:2 intermittent fasting diet with a restrictive daily diet, researchers concluded that intermittent energy restriction works. Sixty-two women participated in the randomized 1:1 study, and the average age was 39. Women who experienced gestational diabetes had great results in terms of weight loss after the 5:2 diet.

What does the 5:2 diet consist of?

This diet is part of the intermittent fasting category, and it means eating normally for five days a week and then restricting the caloric intake for two days a week. The results are great news because many people quit diets because it can be difficult to keep track of the calories consumed daily and prepare food each day. However, because this diet only entails cutting calories for two days a week, it is much more doable, especially for tired new mothers.

For many of us, diets mean we need to prepare food, track calories, and give up on many products. However, the 5:2 diet seems more helpful because it is less time-consuming and provides the same results as more traditional calorie-restrictive diets.

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