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Mediterranean Diet: How To Start Following The Healthiest Style Of Eating

The Mediterranean diet was proclaimed the best diet for 2023. You can start following the Mediterranean diet by simply making simple changes to your eating habits. The Mediterranean diet is based on eating lots of fruits, vegetables and grains, as well as beans, nuts and seeds. It’s also rich in olive oil, which is believed to help with heart health. Meat plays a small role in this diet, but the main focus is on plant-based foods.

The Mediterranean diet has been studied extensively for its benefits for heart health and other chronic conditions. It’s also been linked with increased longevity and better moods.

To get started with the Mediterranean diet, you don’t need to buy special foods or cook complicated meals. Here are some tips on how to start following the Mediterranean diet:

  • Eat whole grains instead of refined grains like white bread and pasta made from white flour. Whole grains include oats, rye bread and brown rice. They’re higher in fiber than refined grains and provide more nutrients like magnesium and B vitamins than processed grains do.
  • Eat fish regularly — at least twice a week — because it contains omega-3 fatty acids that help lower blood pressure as well as other fats in your blood that contribute to heart disease risk factors such as inflammation or blood clotting problems (which can lead to stroke).
  • Eat at least three portions of fruit each day. Examples include apples, bananas, grapes and melon. You’ll also find plenty of fruit in fresh smoothies and juices — just make sure they’re made with real fruit rather than sugary syrups or concentrates.
  • Eat at least five different types of vegetables each day (at least two should be green leafy ones). Try adding spinach, kale and broccoli to salads; carrots, tomatoes and mushrooms to soups; cauliflower florets to stir fries; aubergine slices to sandwiches; cucumber rounds as snacks; sweet potato wedges as side dishes;
  • Eat moderate amounts of poultry and eggs while avoiding processed meats like bacon and hot dogs as well as cheese made with animal rennet
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