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Simple Ways To Get Active When You Are A Couch Potato

The word sedentary is defined as not moving or characterized by a lack of motion. In today’s day and age, inactivity is a common problem. Some people avoid being sedentary by going to the gym, while others choose to get their exercise through other means.

Trying to be more active can be hard when you’re stuck at a desk job all day, but it’s important to find ways to incorporate some physical activity into your daily routine. Achieving fitness goals can lead to a healthier lifestyle and even better brainpower down the road.

If you need some motivation to get your body moving and become more active, here are 10 fitness changes you can make this month:

1) Spend your lunch break outside or on the go. You probably spend the majority of your workday sitting in your cubicle anyway. Why not break up that time with a quick walk around the block? This can help keep you from getting stiff and will help flush out toxins as well. The fresh air will also help you wake up and refocus for the rest of the afternoon.

2) Find ways to move during meetings and on conference calls. When you’re in meetings all day, chances are good that you’ll have several opportunities throughout the day to sneak in some exercise.

3) Be active all the time: When you’re just sitting around, get up and move. Go for a walk around the office. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and go outdoors if possible. Just be sure not to burn lunch at your desk while sitting down!

4) Start with what you have. Do not start by going to the gym and paying monthly dues for equipment that you are not sure if you will use. This is a common mistake that many people make when trying to get fit. Do not invest in something until you have fully researched it. Also, do not invest in something that you have never seen or used before, like a treadmill or elliptical machine. If you are just starting out, start small with walking, jogging, or even running in place.


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