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Thigh Gap Myths vs. Professional Opinions

The term ‘thigh gap’ is usually not attributed in the proper context. Ever since 2012, the term has stirred many discussions around the world. However, in contrast to popular opinion, there is no such thing as exercises that shape your thigh gap. At least nothing is proven by science. The expression thigh gap is often used on social media, such as on the Instagram platform. However, let’s find out what it means exactly.

In recent years, the space between the upper thighs has become a body feature related to beauty, appeal, and health. Apparently, if your upper thighs don’t touch each other when you stand up, you are more attractive. However, according to science, it is a feature that has more to do with bone structure and genetics. Regardless of the thigh gap, you are beautiful. Beauty and health has nothing to do with the space between your upper thighs. If you don’t believe me, hear out GP Dr. Ross Perry, medical director of Cosmedics.

“Even typically slim people may not have a natural thigh gap if they have higher sitting adductors and an alternative pelvic bone shape.

“This is because it’s generally not only down to very little body fat but also the width of the hips compared to the length of the femoral head. Predominantly, it will be down to genetics, bone structure and amount of body fat on the person.”

Whether you have a thigh gap or not is not up to you, says Dr. Rekha Tailor, GP, cosmetic doctor, and medical director at Health & Aesthetics.

“For some people, a thigh gap is a natural part of their bone structure and genetics. For the majority of people, however, genetics mean that their hips are set too close together to exhibit a thigh gap. This, plus the normal fat distribution on the female body, means that women can carry additional fat around their thighs in spite of a healthy diet and exercising.”

Instead of chasing an unreasonable and unrealistic beauty dream, focus on other exercises. Not having a thigh gap doesn’t mean you are not healthy.