Celery powder
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How To Make Homemade Celery Powder Tutorial 

Celery powder is a popular seasoning. People often use it when cooking. However, some may prefer making their seasonings. So, the question is how to make celery powder at home?

The most popular seasonings are onion, garlic, and celery powder. These mixes give flavor to our dishes, and we should always have them in the kitchen cupboard. However, making your own spices hits different. This brings us back to our initial question how to make celery powder at home?

Homemade Celery Powder Tutorial 

First things first, you need a dehydrator. There are many reasons why buying a dehydrator is a worthy investment. You could dry vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, and meat. Maintaining a healthy diet is easier with a dehydrator. Second, you need a chopper or grinder for the main ingredient: celery.  

Celery Preparation 

You need to get the celery ready for drying. So, start by cleaning the plant and cutting the ends. However, drying celery is not as easy as it contains a lot of water. Therefore, you have to slice the plant crossways to ensure they dry evenly. I suggest sticking to crossways slicing rather than lengthways. This way, you won’t risk having wet pieces at the end. 

Set the Dehydrator 

Place the pieces on the drying racks making sure they don’t overlap. I suggest setting the dehydrator on 125 and running it for 10 hours. However, you can play with the thermostat to your liking. 

Start Grinding 

Check if the plant is dry by snapping the pieces in half. If they snap easily, they are dry and ready for the next step: grinding. You can either use a chopper, grinder, or blender. However, the grinder will do the perfect job. 

Grinding powder can get messy, so make sure to put a plastic wrap on the tap before you start. Also, before opening the lid to check the powder, wait until it settles down. If you are using a chopper, wait until you no longer hear the plant pieces hitting the container. Most of your product should now be powdery with a few bits. 


Use your homemade seasoning to boost your dishes. Celery powder is an excellent alternative to salt, so this is a perfect choice if you have a medical condition that requires you to refrain from salt. It contains sodium nitrate naturally and can also be used as a healthy preservation product. 

Having a dehydrator at home can help you slowly change your diet. If you struggle to keep a healthy diet, maybe you should consider buying a dehydrator.