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Quiet Time Activities Are Beneficial for Our Children’s Growth and Development

Most of the time, as parents, we feel the need to be involved in our children’s activities. We imagine the perfect games where everyone is laughing and performing some sort of task that has a lot of body movement. However, quiet time activities are also beneficial for our children’s brains, and sometimes they are more helpful than nap time. Many toddlers and young infants refuse to sleep during the day, and studies show that it is not beneficial to force them into sleeping during the day if the child opposes the process.

Instead of sleeping during the day, children can practice quiet time. There are plenty of activities and games that can help children during quiet time. Quiet time is a form of rest, and sources mention that quiet time activities help children get in touch with their emotions, recharge, and rest. It might not be easy at first to help your children transition from naps to quiet time. The best way to start is to find several activities for the child to do during that moment of the day.

Quiet time activities that work with most children

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Although quiet time activities seem rather mysterious, they are activities that most children already do. For example, reading books is a perfect quiet time activity. It can even be done by children and parents together in a special place in the house. Most young children, especially toddlers who cannot read yet, should have next to them several of their favorite books for them to browse through. Some children might even enjoy a crafting table where they can color, paint or read.

Puzzles, Legos, building sets, and other similar games are other great examples of quiet time activities. These activities can help children in multiple forms, and at the end of quiet time, children can even show their creations to their parents. In households with several children, it might be a good idea to make sure that each of them has a different quiet time game/ object.

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