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Following a strict diet and going to the gym are the two most common techniques used by those who want to shed a few pounds. During your weight loss journey, other things can help you, such as drinking enough water and using spices. Losing weight is not supposed to be a fast process. A healthy lifestyle should be the key to achieve your dream silhouette. Here are some spices that could help you accelerate your metabolism and taste good.

Fennel: a spice that suppresses hunger

Many times, we tend to snack because we are bored or because we feel hungry. Fennel is a spice that can be added to your beverages, such as tea. According to experts, this Mediterranean plant has been used as a natural remedy since ancient times, and it adds flavor to your food. Because it contains vitamin B-6, fennel gives you energy, and it breaks down carbohydrates and protein. It also acts as a dietary fiber, and it suppresses the feeling of hunger. Fennel can make you feel full for a longer time, and it has many other health benefits. It helps with your digestion, protects your heart and bones, and boosts your immunity.

Cardamom: a typical spice in the Middle Eastern and Arabic cuisines

This spice is made out of the seed of several plants belonging to the ginger family. When added to food, it gives a sweet and savory taste. In some cuisines, it is used when cooking curries, desserts, and meat. In others, it is added to beverages such as tea or chai. This spice has multiple health benefits, including weight loss. Cardamom helps fight metabolic syndrome that could lead to type 2 diabetes. A study discovered that the regular consumption of cardamom lowers C- reactive protein levels, inflammatory proteins levels, and others. Thus, it avoids developing several health problems, including high cholesterol, prediabetes, and obesity.

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