Long hair routine
Image: unsplash

5 Best Long Hair Natural Remedies You Have At Home

Long hair is a beautiful asset. However, it requires a lot of attention to look beautiful. Most people pay a lot of attention to skincare routines, which is not a bad thing. However, the hair is just as important.

Looking after long hair can be a bit tiresome in the beginning, but the results are always worthy. With enough effort, your long hair can also look fabulous. All you need are the right home remedies. Although many good products are on the market, natural remedies provide the same results at a lower cost.

This list of home remedies will help you nourish, strengthen and accelerate hair growth. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils are becoming more and more popular. Besides their multiple benefits, using them to massage your hair will strengthen the roots. If you want to accelerate hair growth, use coconut, mustard, olive, or castor oil. Repeat the process twice a week.

Eggs And Curd

Eggs and curd do wonders for the hair. It comes with properties that will help with hair growth. Besides revitalizing your hair, it will also help reduce hair loss. You can use this remedy as a conditioner to cleanse and strengthen your hair. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a plant you should have at home. This plant comes with many benefits, from medicinal healing properties to skincare and hair care. Use aloe vera gel on the roots to strengthen your hair. 

Onion Juice

Although it may not sound wonderful, onion juice is an amazing hair treatment. You may already know that collagen helps with hair growth. Well, this home hair treatment increases the production of collagen and accelerates hair growth. 

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds help with hair loss and breakage. Rich in iron and protein, it will improve hair health and growth. This treatment is similar to a hair mask. First, soak the seeds in water overnight, then use them to make a paste. Apply it on the hair roots for 20 minutes.