Mediterranean diet helps with Erectile Dysfunction
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Mediterranean Diet Can Improve Erectile Dysfunction Problems

A new study shows that a Mediterranean diet can improve erectile dysfunction. This healthy diet increases testosterone levels and makes exercising less of a hassle. According to the study, the diet helps with erectile performance. Experts noticed better erectile performance in middle-aged men following this diet. 

The Mediterranean diet includes fruit, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, and seafood. It is very important to reduce the amount of red meat from the diet. Based on the study of 250 men, the diet improves the blood flow to the heart. 

“The findings suggest that the Mediterranean diet could play a role in maintaining several parameters of vascular health and quality of life and in middle aged men with hypertension and erectile dysfunction,” says Athanasios Angelis, MD, of the School of Medicine at the University of Athens in Greece.

It is not a secret that a proper diet and exercise can improve your health in the long run. A healthy lifestyle also improves your body functions. The MD also advises against a high amount of salt intake and encourages daily exercise. Erectile dysfunction is not fun to have, and it requires lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking. Viagra or other similar drugs should be off the table as well.  

Mediterranean diet advantages 

This diet not only helps with men’s ED problems but also improves cardiovascular health. The research shows that often low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, increased risk of cardiovascular disease co-exists. Therefore, the Mediterranean diet could become a treatment for these types of pathologies. 

However, the diet alone doesn’t do magic. Although it can improve health, there are other habits you need to change. Follow this diet, exercise regularly, rest well, and don’t stress too much. Healthy habits make a happy life. Dietary fat, olive oil, and nuts may boost testosterone levels as well.