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Olive Oil Vs. Avocado Oil – Health Benefits & Taste

Olive oil and avocado oil are both natural products with properties to make our bodies healthier. They are each a great source of monounsaturated fats, but which is better for your health? Here’s a quick guide to comparing the pros and cons of avocado and olive oil before you dive into your bag and buy. We provide a brief review of each product to help you make an informed decision based on the advice of a health expert.

Olive Oil Vs. Avocado Oil

Olive oil is classified as a health food product and is an excellent option for people who want to cut down on their daily intake of calories and saturated fats. Olive oil is very popular for a reason. It has many health benefits and is loaded with antioxidant properties. These powerful compounds are anti-inflammatory, which helps curb swelling and joint pain.

On the other hand, Avocado oil is cold-pressed from the fruit of the avocado. According to health counselor Carroll Lee, avocado oil is “rich in oleic acid and antioxidants. It’s excellent for brain and skin health, as well as being an anti-inflammatory.”

Avocado and olive oils both contain a wide array of cancer-fighting antioxidants known as phytochemicals. However, the way they deliver those chemicals is slightly different. Each has its own unique flavor profile that depends on how it was harvested, processed, and refined. Still, no matter which type of oil you choose, there’s one thing that all of them have in common: they’re entirely delicious.

Which one should you use?

Both avocado and olive oils are healthy sources of fat, and they are very similar from many perspectives. This makes it a bit confusing as to which one you should choose, as both can be used to create many different dishes. “I prefer to use avocado oil for cooking and extra-virgin olive oil for cold applications, such as salad dressings or toppings,” Poon concluded.

It’s also a good time to note that not all avocado or olive oil is created equally. So before you go whipping out your credit card, make sure to read up on their nutritional values.

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