unisex baby names
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Top 20 Unisex Baby Names With Special Meaning

Unisex baby names are becoming more and more popular. Finding the perfect name for your small angel can be quite a challenge in a world where most names are overused. However, nothing can go wrong if you pick a unisex baby name. If you wonder whether you are having a girl or a boy, you can choose a unisex name that works for both genders.

In some instances, the doctor can be wrong about the gender of your baby. I can save you from the trouble of finding a last-minute name with our list of top 20 baby unisex names and their meaning. Get inspiration from the most popular unisex names below:

  1. Phoenix- Greek origin’ dark red’, also the mythical bird that rises from its own ashes
  2. Ali- it means ‘exalted noble’; it is an Arabic name 
  3. Ari- it means ‘lion eagle’; it has Hebrew and Scandinavian origins, also used as a shortening for Ariel
  4. Bay- it means ‘berry’ or ‘auburn-haired’; it has Latin and French origins
  5. Remy- French name developed from an obscure Latin personal name (Remigius) meaning ‘oarsman’
  6. Caelan- it means ‘slender and fire’, ‘fair’ or ‘pure’; it has Gaelic and Irish origins 
  7. Shiloh- Of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘His gift’ 
  8. Tatum- Of Old English origin, meaning ‘Tate’s homestead’ or a ‘cheerful bringer of joy’
  9. Dallas- it means ‘from the dales’; it has Irish, Gaelic and Scottish origin, and it is also the name of a village in Scotland and a city in Texas
  10. Wren- Old English origin, small brown songbird
  11. Denver- Old English and French origin, ‘green valley’, contemporary use may refer to the city
  12. Eden- From the Biblical Garden of Eden, meaning ‘delight’
  13. Ellis- From Hebrew, ‘Jehovah is God’
  14. Zephyr- Of Greek origin, meaning ‘west wind’
  15. Umber- French origin, ‘shade’, the reddish-brown pigment used by painters
  16. Gene- English origin, ‘well-born’, diminutive of Eugene
  17. Hayden- Old English, formerly a surname, ‘hedged valley’
  18. Indigo- Of Greek origin meaning ‘Indian dye’, now the name of the colour
  19. Kai- Various origins including German (‘warrior’), Hawaiian (‘sea’) and Welsh (‘rejoicer’)
  20. Nova- Latin for new, also a star that releases vast amounts of light and energy

Korean baby names are also very popular and they have special meaning.