Girl dog names
Image: unsplash

The Best Girl Dog Names: Get Inspiration For Your Little Lady

Many girl dog names are overused. However, if you are looking for inspiration, I might help you with that. I have created a list of the most interesting girl dog names. Some of them are quite popular, but others are just cute and maybe a little bit weird on the tongue. However, don’t be afraid to pick a weird name. What’s the point of being average when you can be extra. If you don’t feel comfortable with the weird names, go for a normal one. There are plenty to pick from. 

Every dog deserves a special name. However, when your dog is just too cute to be true, you might also want to give her a nickname. Therefore, I picked a few girl dog names that have adorable nicknames with this idea in my mind. Without further ado, here are the best girl dog names:

  1. Lucy 
  2. Luna
  3. Coco
  4. Millie
  5. Sugar
  6. Heidi
  7. Bea
  8. Dot
  9. Nova
  10. Lulu
  11. Mimi
  12. Mochi
  13. Leia (“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….”, if you are a Star Wars fan)
  14. Nana
  15. Eloise
  16. Fluffernutter (nickname Fluff)
  17. Mimosa (nickname Mimi)
  18. Cinderella
  19. Born Bon
  20. Lisa
  21. Maggie
  22. Roxy
  23. Sophie
  24. Chloe
  25. Maya
  26. Abby
  27. Pebbles
  28. Sunny
  29. Ella
  30. Irene 
  31. Izzy 
  32. Koda
  33. Layla
  34. Olive
  35. Sasha
  36. Suki
  37. Tess
  38. Trixie
  39. Willow
  40. Pickle

Sometimes all you need is a second opinion. Here are a few girl dog names ideas that I personally find interesting. Maybe you’ll like them too. Some of them are inspired by cartoons, Disney movies or video games.

  1. Dee Dee ( from Dexter’s Laboratory)  
  2. Mia
  3. Aein
  4. Nori
  5. Maple
  6. Bambi
  7. Mae
  8. Perdita (from the One Hundred and One Dalmatians)
  9. Belle
  10. Lilo
  11. Mulan 
  12. Stella 
  13. Bonita 
  14. Dina
  15. Maybelline
  16. Akali 
  17. Lux
  18. Oriana 
  19. Sadie
  20. Ruby

I hope you found a good name for your new pet. If not, at least some inspiration. Nevertheless, your little lady will definitely love her name.