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Laugh Away the Stress: Find Out How Laugh Can Improve Your Lifestyle

They say laughter can bring people closer, turn a bad day into a memorable moment, and most importantly, relieve stress.

Laughter is a natural and one of the cheapest medicines that can boost up your mood, improve your immune system and efficiently fight stress.

Curious to find out more?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best facts about laughter and creative tips to laugh more.

Support Your Mental Health

Did you know how important a giggle is? It can highly increase your mental and physical health, inspiring you to do more good and be better.

Here are some mental health benefits backed by laughter you’ll really enjoy:

  • Boost your mood: laughter can wash away all that negativity that hides in the deepest corners of your mind by diffusing the depression and anger;
  • Strengthen relationships: the feeling of sharing a laugh with your family and friends is incredible, and it can boost the happiness levels a lot;

FACT: laughing enhances the number of endorphins released in your body, relieving stress and making you happier.

  • Offer distraction: did you know that when you laugh, nothing matters in that moment but the things that you laugh at? Laughter can give your brain a little break from all the worrying thoughts;
  • More endorphins: these “feel-good” chemicals are essential for your happiness; when you laugh, the “endorphine-meter” rises up to the sky.
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Incredible Physical Health Benefits

Laughter has been proved to bring fantastic benefits to physical health. So, laughing makes you stronger, too!

  • Immune system: laughing means adopting a more positive mindset that can release neuropeptides and infection-fighting antibodies that relieve the stress; that way, your immune system will also improve;
  • Weight Loss: probably the most popular belief is that laughter can help you shed some pounds; well, you might be surprised, but it’s actually true!

FACT: laughter can highly reduce the stress hormones that trigger weight gain.

  • Support the organs: laughing more means more oxygen-rich air that stimulates your muscles, heart, and lungs;
  • Cardiac health: laughing has also been found to improve cardiac health by regulating vascular function, lowering the risk of heart attacks.

How to Laugh More

As odd as it might sound, there are actually many ways to add more laughter to your life!

From visiting an amusement park, going to a game night to exploring the endless stuff on social media, below are only a few ways to laugh more:

  • Spend time more with your pets;
  • Watch a comedy or listen to a funny podcast;
  • Follow some funny content on social media;
  • Change your environment;
  • Try laughter yoga;
  • Play games with your friends.

Remember that as great as laughter it might be thanks to its benefits, it can’t actually cure you of a certain disease!