Prince Andrew Faces New Sexual Abuse Charges from Virginia Giuffre

Virginia Giuffre is a victim of Jeffrey Epstein, and she was forced to perform sex acts for him and his friends, even when she was underage. Back in 2019, she declared that when she was just seventeen years old, she was forced by Epstein to engage in sexual acts with the Duke of York, according to her interviews and media articles. At the time, Buckingham Palace denied all her accusations and states that the Duke of York did not engage in any sexual contact with her.

Virginia Giuffre filed a lawsuit against the Duke of York

A new media article mentions that Virginia Giuffre has filed a legal lawsuit against Prince Andrew. The federal document recently filed states that she was a victim of both Epstein and the Duke of York, when she was an underage girl. Prince Andrew already declared back in November that he never met Virginia Giuffre and that they did not engage in any sexual activity.

Virginia Giuffre has taken legal action in which she mentions that the sexual acts took place at Ghislaine Maxwell’s London house, at Epstein’s Manhattan house and at Epstein’s private island. In the lawsuit, the Duke of York is accused of battery, emotional distress and sexual abuse. Prince Andrew allegedly knew that she was underage and a victim of sex trafficking.

U.S prosecutors asked the Duke of York for an interview

Following Giuffree’s accusations in 2019, U.S prosecutors asked Prince Andrew for an interview back in 2020, but it never happened. Prince Andre’s legal team mentioned at the time that the Prince had already cooperated on three past occasions and that he was willing to cooperate in the future. Jeffrey Epstein died in 2019, but U.S prosecutors continue to investigate everything related to the sex-trafficking operation.


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