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Source: Pixabay

Vaccinated Americans Are Increasingly Lashing Out at Anti-Vaxxers

There has been a recent surge in cases of COVID-19 and hospitalizations. Now, officials across the US are suddenly reimposing restrictions more akin to what they had prior to this summer. Many Americans who have received vaccination are upset with those who have refused it.

John McCullough, a health department contact tracer, is one of the persons who are growing increasingly frustrated with those refusing the shot. He did what he could to keep himself and others around him safe. “I did what I had to do. Now, these people who are making this selfish decision are going to make me suffer the consequences,” declared McCullough.

After vaccinations commenced, Americans were told that they could cautiously resume their previous activities. The Centers for Disease Control in the United States recently announced that it was no longer necessary to wear masks if you were fully vaccinated. Now, the CDC issued new guidance saying that even vaccinated people should wear masks in areas where there’s a high risk of contracting Covid-19.

Over half the population has been partially vaccinated against Covid-19, according to CDC data, while 49.5% have received both shots. Because of the influx of misinformation, some groups opted out of getting the vaccine. Low vaccination rates are the primary driver behind the alarming rise in new cases. According to the US President, Joe Biden, the spread of the pandemic continues due to the fact that many Americans don’t receive vaccinations.

“It’s very hard to pull the finish line away from somebody when it feels like they finally have the ribbon at the end in sight. I think we can also understand the anger in the context of exhaustion, anxiety, uncertainty, and you know, a serious division of ideology too,” declared Mitch Prinstein chief science officer American Psychological Association.

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