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What Are the Best Sports for Children?

As parents, we are always trying to think about ways in which we can help our children. After they start walking and talking, it might be time for them to try a regular physical activity, with a coach or trainer and other children. It has been already proven that active people have fewer risks of developing osteoporosis, heart diseases and more. On an emotional level, practising a sport can help children and adults avoid depression, deal with anxiety and form great life habits.

What sports can my child try?

Not all children have parents passionate about certain sports or parents who are active and practice a sport. Therefore, exposure might be the best idea for your child to find out what about all sports available in your area. Another thing to consider is that not all sports can be practised at all ages. For example, some sports are too tricky for young children to practice or even too dangerous. To make things easier, you can expose your child to different sports, depending on his age group.

Children aged two to five

Children between two and five years old, toddlers, are considered too young for team sports or organized sports. Therefore, they should take swimming lessons, climb, tumbling, run, and ride a bicycle. Some toddlers might have excellent coordination and enjoy sports such as gymnastics or dancing, depending on their ability to control their body movements.

Children between six to nine

Once children become more able to control their motor skills and attention span, they might be able to try sports that require focusing and taking orders. Some recommended sports are martial arts, dancing, running, skiing, soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, gymnastics, rollerblading.

Children older than twelve

As they grow older and become teenagers, children start to understand better the different sports and rules. They can also decide easier on what they like or not, and it might be time for them to try complex sports. Some of the recommended sports are football, basketball, volleyball or hockey. Overall, children will decide their favourite sport, especially if they have been exposed to several ones.

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