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Top Three Easy Ways to Make Potatoes the Stars of Your Meals

It is late at night and your family is finally asleep. It is your time to unwind, but a question comes to your mind: What am I going to cook tomorrow? Sometimes it can just feel like we have run out of ideas or maybe we are just too tired to go out grocery shopping. For those who always have potatoes in their house, these three quick and easy recipes will help you turn a simple ingredient into the star of your family lunch or dinner.

Accordion Potatoes


Yes, accordion potatoes are exactly what you are reading: potatoes carved into looking like an accordion. This recipe is super easy because all you need are an over, potatoes and ingredients of your choice. The first step is to clean your potatoes, but there is no need to peel them. The second step is to place your potato between skewers and shape it as an accordion, but without slicing it. The idea is to carve the potato into looking as an accordion, not crating thin independent slices.

You want your slices still attached. After this step, it is time to look into your fridge and pantry and decide which ingredients you want to add in between your potato slices, without breaking the base of the potato. You can add butter, cheese, ham, salt, pepper and your favorite herbs and then just bake the potatoes in the oven until fully cooked (around 30 minutes).

Chorrillana Fries

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This Chilean recipe is very popular in South America and also super easy and tasty. The first step is to fry your French fries. Then you need to decide what to add on top of the fries. The most common ingredients are caramelized onion slices, fried eggs and beef. In case you are missing some of the mentioned ingredients, you can try adding cheese, tomatoes and parsley, or anything else that goes well with French fries.

Tortilla de Patatas

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This Spanish omelet recipe is perfect for breakfast or lunch and it goes really well with a salad of your choice. To make this recipe you need potatoes, onion, eggs and spices. The first step is to cut in small sliced the potatoes and the onions. Then you cook them in a bit of olive oil and when the potatoes are tender, you need to take them out of the pan and add salt.

After this, you beat the eggs and pour them on top of the potatoes and onions. The last step is to cook the mix, just as you would cook a regular omelet and you might want to try to use a large plate to flip the omelet while cooking.

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