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Tokyo Olympics Organizers Give Condoms but Remind Athletes About the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Olympic Games are celebrated worldwide, and there are huge investments made in the places where the games take place. Tokyo 2020 will take place this summer starting tomorrow, and it will end on August 8. As the start approached, organizers prove athletes with a list of required objects, including condoms. Condoms have been offered to Olympic Games athletes since the 80s, and the Tokyo Olympics is no exception. However, organizers wish that athletes refrained from getting intimate with anyone due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The condoms should be considered souvenirs

Tokyo organizers are trying hard to prevent coronavirus outbreaks inside the Olympic village, and they would prefer athletes not to socialize with each other outside their sport. More than 160,000 condoms will be given to athletes inside the Olympic bubble, and this means that there are chances some might even use them.

Athletes under strict COVID-19 protocols

Japan had declared a state of emergency in several parts of the country, including the capital. This means that everyone needs to follow social distancing rules such as avoiding handshakes and other close physical contacts. According to WHO statistics, Japan has had 847.614 cases and a bit over 15,000 death since January 2020. So far, several athletes have been confirmed positive with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, including two South African footballers. The total number of positive cases related to the Olympic Games is 87, which means that there is extra pressure on the organizers to stop the outbreak before the games begin.

The Athletes have to read and abide by the playbook carefully

Inside the rulebook for athletes and staff participating at the Tokyo Olympic games, there are several rules, and some of them include minimal physical contact, keeping a two meters distance, avoiding closed or crowded spaces, athletes must avoid public transportation etc.

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