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Bukingham Pallace Reacts on the News That Prince Harry Will Release a Memoir

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle have been on the spotlight for a long time, ever since the Duchess of Sussex entered the Royal Family. Since they decided to leave their Royal House responsibilities and start a new adventure in the U.S, everyone was wondering what their new project will be about.

Buckingham Palace reacts

Buckingham Palace surprised the media and the world by deciding to react stating that they are not the ones to comment on this news, but rather the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Sources mention that usually, when the Royal Family decides not to get involved, they remain silent, but this time they decided to say that they are not the ones that should be asked for more information regarding the memoir.

Prince Harry will publish the book via Penguin Random House

Recent articles mention that the Duke of Sussex will collaborate with Penguin Random House for his memoir and that earnings are to be donated. The Prince declared that his memoir would include all his life and all the life lessons he learned over the years. The book will be realized in digital, print and audio forms and that the Duke of Sussex will be telling his story and that he is excited to work on this project.

The memoir will cover all Prince Harry’s life

The memoir will take us though Prince Harry’s childhood, teenage years and adult life, including his military period. Prince Harry was twice on missions in Afghanistan and he has worked hard for the Royal family, including attending events all over the world. This is his chance of telling his life story the way he experienced it.

Meghan Markle is also a writer

The Duchess of Sussex also wrote a children’s book, ’The Bench’ and it seems that her husband wants to follow into her footsteps. The eyes of the world are on them after the interview they gave Oprah Winfrey, during which Meghan Markle has made several confessions about her time with the Royal Family.

The Royal Family know that Harry will release a memoir, before the announcement was made on Monday. However, Prince Harry did not write his memoir from a prince’s perspective and he mentioned that in his statement.

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