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Top 5 Pothos Plants Great For Beginners

Houseplants are amazing, and you won’t stop buying them once you get this fever. One of the favourite types is Pothos – referred to as epipremnum aureum. And there’s a good reason for that. This plant is great because it can grow in low light and it will be completely fine if you forget to water it from time to time.

They are very versatile, and you can root and share the clippings with your friends or loved ones. These are the best pothos worth getting for your home:

Neon Pothos

This one is for people that like bright colours. In the beginning, it has a great shade of chartreuse, before it matures and gets a soft green colour.

The neon tone will last in a high-light spot for a couple of months before it starts to fade. In lower light, it will last for less than a month.

Marble Queen Pothos

This one has dark glossy leaves with creamy white. The white and green contrast will last for a long time if placed in a bright and well-lit area. But it can also grow beautifully in lower-light places. However, you will see more green than white. It grows slower than the neon pothos, but it has a more refined appearance, and the contrast with the other plants will be great.

Manjula Pothos

This one is perfect for all romantics out there because the leaves have the shape of hearts. Some are similar to Marble Queen, with leaves that have fewer patches of green and white.

Its leaves are usually larger than the other varieties.  You will get beautiful tropical-looking leaves, that are bound to make your home more comfortable and beautiful.

Cebu Blue Pothos

This one is of a different species – Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Cebu Blue’ – but it grows well in the same conditions. It has a foliage of a blue-green colour, and in some lighting conditions, it may appear to have an iridescence.

Its leaves will grow larger if it is grown in warm, bright conditions. However, this one can develop fenestrations – cuts or perforations.

Hawaiian Pothos

This one is a fast-growing variegated pothos, that is flecked and has yellow speckles. This one will also grow beautifully in bright and indirect light. If you place it in direct light, it might scorch the leaves.

If you grow it in the right conditions, the leaves can get more than a foot long. People call it the “giant Hawaiian pothos.”

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