Olivia Rodrigo at the White House for Tiktok Campaign

Disney star Olivia Rodrigo met President Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci at the White House. The U.S Government is looking to boost the Covid-19 vaccination campaign, and the pop start Olivia Rodrigo was chosen to speak about the benefits of getting the shot.

Olivia Rodrigo teased fans on social media.

Before the visit to the White House, the star wrote on a comment on a social media post made by the official Instagram of President Biden that she was going to the White House to support the vaccination campaign. The comment was on a photo showing the president in his 20s, and the message was to encourage young Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine. During her visit at the White House, Olivia Rodrigo talked about the COVID-19 vaccine and filmed an advert. The advert will be published on the singer’s social media accounts, and the U.S Government hopes it will boost the immunization campaign.

The White House Official Twitter posted a video of the encounter.

On the official tweeter account of the White House, Olivia Rodrigo’s visit was mentioned, and in the video posted, the celebrity talks about the vaccination and encouraged everyone to get their shots, even if they are young and healthy. CDC statistics show that more than 70 % of older adults are already fully vaccinated, while just 41.6 % of young adults are.

There were mixed reactions.

The White House tweet received some mixed reactions, and the comment section already has thousands of replies. Some people tweeted how the Hollywood industry is always involved in politics. Others wrote encouraging messages, and some compared the singer to other celebrities. The government has used other celebrities for the vaccination campaign, and it is clear they are targeting all age groups, including young adults.

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