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The 5 Best Jewelry Brands That Anyone Can Afford

Are you looking for new additions to your jewelry box? Here are the best brands.
Are you looking for new additions to your jewelry box? Here are the best brands.

Jewelry completes the outfit. There is no question the right piece of jewelry can make you look perfect. However, a pair of earrings can cost more than half of your wardrobe and finding the best jewelry brands is quite a hassle. There has to be a balance between quality and prices. However, it needs to look like a million-dollar piece at an affordable price. From Baublebar, Gorjana, to Etsy, I’m going to walk through your must-have jewelry. 

Gold Jewelry

Are you looking for something classy, low-priced and durable? At Baublebar, you can buy gold plated gems. Check out Dahlia’s Small Hoops, a fantastic pair of earrings. However, the shop offers many other models, including rings and necklaces. 

Beaded Jewelry

Madewell is one of the best shops if you are looking for trendy jewelry. Every season comes with a new trend, and keeping up with it is not cheap. Therefore, this shop is the perfect alternative for dainty rings and statement tassel products. The Multicolored Beaded Stretch Bracelet might steal your heart for $5. 

Handmade Jewelry

Handmade products have a special place in my heart. If you want something unique, Etsy is the perfect place to look for handmade jewelry. However, finding what you need is quite a challenge. I suggest you search by material, price, or style to find what you need a lot faster. Check out the Personalized Birth Flower Ring; you might fall in love. 

Layering Jewelry

Although a little bit more expensive, Gorjana has many beautiful and delicate products, from bracelets, stacking rings, and layered necklaces. On Repeat Layering Set is now at $90. Sometimes is worth treating yourself to a semi-expensive gift. 

Budget Jewelry

Last but not least on our list is Cost Plus World Market. Does yard sale prices sound good to you? If so, I encourage you to check out this store. You will find a wide range of different jewelry styles, from layering necklaces, statement pendants to dangle earrings and hoops. The Gold Delicate Bead Short Necklace is a stunning piece of gem, and you won’t believe the price!