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J.Lo and Ben Affleck’s Kids Are Spending Time Together

Things are getting pretty serious for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Although the two celebrities have been together in the past as well, their current relationship seems to be evolving. J.Lo’s daughter has been spotted spending time with two of Ben Affleck’s kind, and this is a clear indication that their relationship is serious.

Things might happen this fast and smoothly because the two already know each other and dated back in the early 2000s.

J-Rod: a thing of the past

After four years of relationship with former baseball star, Alex Rodriguez, J.Lo has avoided giving the press too many details about her personal life. The J-Rod couple, as they were called, started dating in 2017 and they were supposed to get married in 2019, but things got postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, things did not go on smoothly in 2021, and they announced their breakup.

Bennifer: a thing of the past and present

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were spotted at the ’Simsons’ park with some of their children: J.Lo’s twins and Ben’s son, Samuel. The couple and the kids seemed to have enjoyed their day out at the Universal Studios.

The romance is getting serious because, for both of them, their children have priority. They both talked in the past about the importance of connecting with their own children and spending time with them. This means that if Bennifer were just a fling, the two celebrities would not have involved their children.

The couple went on vacations together.

Recent articles in the press mention that the couple went together on holiday in Montana and then Miami. The most recent article by Page Six, also shows them blending their families at the Universal Studios park and spending time together in Los Angeles.

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