Angelic baby names
Image: unsplash

Angelic Baby Names Inspiration For Your Small Angel

Angelic baby names are special. Although most parents would like an “angel” baby, we all know the reality is different. Babies are sweet and quiet when they sleep, but once they need something, the whole “angelic” facade is going down the drain. Especially when they grow older and start misbehaving; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t name your kid after one of these majestic creatures or simply pick an angelic name. 

Think about it, even though your kid won’t act like an angel all the time, you can at least find some comfort in their name. We use the word angle to compliment babies, pets, someone who behaves or is beautiful, innocent. It makes a great name choice. There are many angelic baby names to choose from. If you are expecting and currently looking for name inspiration, read the list below. 

Angel based names

  • Angela
  • Angele
  • Angelina
  • Angelee
  • Angelette
  • Angelica
  • Angelisa
  • Angelo

Girl names that mean “miracle,” “gift from God,” or “blessed”

  • Mireille
  • Marvel
  • Marvella
  • Mireya
  • Micaela
  • Mikelle
  • Mirabelle
  • Bea
  • Gwyneth
  • Annie
  • Sachi
  • Atara

Boy names that mean “blessing,” “miraculous,” or “gift”

  • Asher
  • Benedict
  • Bennett
  • Zelig
  • Barke
  • Aaron
  • Loreto
  • Neo
  • Jesse
  • Darko
  • Matthew
  • Miracolo
  • Theodore

Ethereal angelic names 

Some of these names originate from the Bible, while others are fiction. 

  • Afriel: Angel of youth
  • Ariel: Angel of nature
  • Cassiel:Angel of temperance
  • Charmeine: Angel of harmony
  • Dina: Angel of learning
  • Gavreel: Angel of peace
  • Michael: Angel of loyalty
  • Gabriel: Angelic messenger
  • Raphael:Angel of healing
  • Micah: Angel of miracles
  • Uriel: Angel of creativity
  • Forfax: Angel of astronomy
  • Hadraniel: Angel of love
  • Jophiel: Angel of enlightenment
  • Lailah: Angel of conception
  • Manakel: Angel of peace
  • Nathaniel:Angel of fire
  • Ramiel:Angel of thunder
  • Sariel: Angel of guidance
  • Sachael: Angel of water
  • Tabbris: Angel of self-determination
  • Xapham: Angel of creation
  • Raziel:Angel of mysteries
  • Paschar: Angel of vision
  • Zuriel: Angel of harmony
  • Zuphlas:Angel of trees
  • Zadkiel:Angel of prayer