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Miami Beach Condo Collapse Update: 90 Death and 31 People Missing

The tragedy that took place in Miami Beach during the night on the 24 of June is far from over. Rescuers continue to work and try to find survivors, and 31 people are still unaccounted for. The Champlain Towers South collapse took place during the night, and many people were at home, sleeping. The authorities have confirmed 90 death, and according to a recent report, the rescuers are now able to search faster for missing people.

The remaining parts of the building were demolished.

Last week, the authorities demolished the remaining parts of the Champlain Towers South, using small detonations. The demolition took place because the structure was not stable anymore, and it was a danger zone, especially with the arrival of the tropical storm Elsa. Thanks to the demolition, the rescuers can search for survivors, people unaccounted for and personal belongings of those who lived there.

Could the tragedy have been avoided?

Engineers and officials for the U.S National Institute of Standard and Technology are trying to determine the cause of the collapse. Authorities also want to examine other buildings in the area that are also 40 years old and need recertification.

The rescuers welcomed international help.

Miami-Dade Mayor, Daniella Levine Cava, thanked the Israeli team that flew in Miami to help rescuers. This Sunday was the 18th day since the tragic event, and the Israeli Defense Forces helped rescuers find missing people and their belongings. The mayor also organised a small ceremony close to the building collapse scene and a memorial walk. Members of the Champlain Towers South community, the international teams that helped with the rescue process, and the first responders joined the memorial walk. The rescuers are working nonstop and, hopefully, more progress will be made soon.


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