Most Effective Natural Cures For Nighttime Leg Cramps

Nighttime leg cramps can be extremely painful, especially because they’re often a sign that you’re dehydrated. Once you’ve been drinking more water and eating more potassium-rich foods, though, there are other natural cures that can help relieve nighttime leg cramps.

What Causes Nighttime Leg Cramps?

Nighttime leg cramps are caused by excessive contraction of the calf muscles. This can happen during sleep when there is no movement to help relax the muscle tissue. Some people have nocturnal leg cramps because they have poor circulation, which makes it harder for oxygen and nutrients to reach their lower body parts.

The following are some of the most effective natural cures for nighttime leg cramps:

  • Massage

Massaging your calves before bed can help loosen up the muscles and improve circulation. While this is not a cure-all for all cases, it does help some people with nighttime leg cramps. If you want to try this method, rub your calves vigorously for 30 seconds before bedtime and then stretch them out for 20 seconds after massaging them for 2 minutes total per calf. Repeat this process 5 times each night before you go to sleep so that your muscles will be loose enough to relax fully during sleep time

  • Stretch before bedtime

Stretching helps relax tense muscles and increase blood flow to your extremities. This will help prevent tightness in the lower limbs that could cause cramping during sleep. Try stretching for five minutes before going to bed each night or after waking up in the morning. You should stretch gently; too much stretching can actually make things worse by further tightening up muscles!

  • Hydrate

Dehydration is one of the most common causes for nighttime leg cramps because our bodies need water to function properly and keep us hydrated. If you don’t drink enough fluids throughout the day or during the night when you’re asleep, you’ll become dehydrated which can cause your muscles to cramp up during the night when they should be resting and relaxing

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