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Find The Best Employees: Tips For Effective Remote Interviews

It’s hard to find good people. It’s even harder when you’re looking for candidates who work remotely.

Remote work is on the rise, and more and more full-time workers do some kind of freelance or remote work at least part-time.

That’s why it’s important to have your hiring process ready to accommodate remote candidates — especially if you’re looking for high-impact hires who can’t make their office in person. And while interviewing someone remotely is definitely different than interviewing someone in person, it’s not impossible.

Here are four tips for effective remote interviews:

  • Get comfortable with video calls: Video conferencing has come a long way since the days of grainy video feeds and choppy connections. Today’s technology makes it possible for candidates and interviewers alike to be seen very clearly on screen and have a conversation that feels just like any other job interview — except without all the stress and pressure of an in-person meeting. If you don’t have access to video conferencing tools at work or home, consider using Google Hangouts or Skype for Business instead.
  • Do your research: It’s important to know what it takes to perform the job so you can assess candidates fairly. If you’re hiring for a technical role, make sure you understand what skills are needed for success in that role and how much experience is required. If it’s an administrative role, look at what other companies are paying for similar positions.
  • Know your audience: You don’t want to hire someone who lives in a different time zone than your team, or who has a family vacation planned during the same week as your quarterly sales meeting.
  • Create an application process: Make sure applicants have all the information they need upfront so they can apply easily and quickly — and so you have time to review their applications thoroughly before making an offer if necessary.
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