Credit: Unsplash, Avel Chuklanov

4 Ways To Manage Cables In Your Home For A Cleaner Appearance

Whether you’re keeping your tech organized at an office or setting up your home away from home, it’s important to do a little cable management.

Here are some tips to keep your tech looking tidy!

1. Remove the unnecessary cords and cables. You can cut down on clutter by getting rid of anything you don’t use. For example, if there’s a cable that goes between two devices but the devices are close enough to connect wirelessly, remove the cord. If a device still has the “new out of box” (NOB) accessories plugged in, remove them and replace with what you actually need.

2. Trim down any extra length. Coiling up extra cable length will help keep things tidier and reduce some of the bulk that makes it harder to find a good way to organize everything neatly.

3. Bundle cables together using zip ties, rubber bands, or other cable management materials. Try doing this with bundles that have similar functions so you can keep them organized more easily—for example, group together cables for charging purposes and another group for connecting to peripherals like keyboards or mice. You can also use colored zip ties to make each group easier to distinguish.

4. Hang them up: Use a plastic clip-on hook, like the kind you can find at most hardware stores or dollar stores, to hang your cords out of the way. This is perfect for keeping them off the floor, where they are more likely to get stepped on or cause someone (or something!) to trip.

Hopefully these tips will help you get the most out of your cables, and subsequently, your tech. You’ll reduce cable clutter, improve airflow, and most importantly, benefit from a working computer that’s not nearly as crummy to look at.

Mary J. Payne
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