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The Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging in many ways, and this new school year will not be easy. Some states in the U.S have already made it mandatory to wear masks inside public indoor spaces and crowded places, and schools are no exception. The decision came after the CDC published new guidelines for schools after the Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus became dominant in the U.S.

Back to school shopping list

Because children will go to school this year during a pandemic, it is essential to make sure that the back-to-school shopping list contains all necessary items to keep them safe and comfortable. CDC’s guidance includes recommendations such as physical distancing, mask-wearing, screening testing and more. It is clearly written that students who do not have or cannot afford masks should be provided with one by the school. However, once they are provided with a mask, they have to wear it, regardless of their vaccination status.

Create a list of items your child already has

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The traditional shopping list included school-related items, from school uniforms to school supplies to masks and hand sanitizers. This year, because school might close again if a new outbreak emerges, it might be a good idea not to buy too many things and start by making a list with items you already have in your house. We often buy things that our children already have because they have not used them or because they are objects that can be reused many times, such as sharpeners or scissors.

Is a new backpack that necessary?

Many children did not get to wear some of the backpacks they received for the previous school year, and these objects should not go to waste. Other items, which your child carries inside their backpacks, are glue sticks, notebooks, paper, pencils, pen, highlighter, eraser, index cards, binders and folders. Apart from those objects, your child might require a uniform, gym clothes or other clothes that are school appropriate such as sneakers, jeans, socks and shirts.

Covid-19 related objects

After buying or reusing items from the traditional back-to-school shopping list, it is time to have a conversation with your child and decide what kind of mask they want to wear. There are several types of masks available; some are more efficient than others are, and it is up to us as parents to make sure we choose the right one for them. Hand sanitizers are also necessary, and paper-thin soap sheets are a must. Soap sheets are helpful because we make sure that our children can keep their hands clean at all times, including for lunch breaks. A lunch box is also a great idea, and maybe it is time for children to bring packed lunches for school and a water bottle.

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