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How to Keep Your Feet Fresh and Happy

We all want happy feet. And it’s not just because they’re our tools for getting around in this world—we also like to look good. We wear shoes to work, we slip on sandals for a night out, and we rock sneakers for the gym. But no matter what you’re wearing, if your feet aren’t happy, then neither are you.

So what does it take to make your feet truly happy? Here are sometips to get you started.

1) Wear socks with your closed-toe shoes—and change them regularly! Dirty socks can cause foot odor and infection, which is the last thing you need when you’re trying to get ahead at work or keep up with the kids on a family hike.

2) Get a pedicure. It’s important to trim your nails and remove dead skin from your feet so they don’t look crusty and feel irritating inside of your shoes or sandals.

3) Sleep barefoot! Your feet need air just like any other part of your body. Sleeping in socks or slippers can lead to uncomfortable sweating, which can cause bacteria growth (read: stinky feet).

4) Keep it clean! Wearing dirty shoes can cause bad smells and infections in your feet

5). Keep a towel in your bathroom that is ONLY used to dry your feet. This way you can keep it free of dust and other particles that will irritate your feet.

6) Be sure to moisturize your feet regularly, especially if they have been exposed to water or chemicals recently. Over-washing can dry out the skin on your feet and make them more prone to cracking and infection.

7) Always wash between your toes, as this area is particularly prone to fungus and bacteria growth.

8) Make sure your shoes fit properly and give your toes plenty of room to move around; if they are too tight, you could develop blisters or other foot problems.

Be sure to follow these tips to ensure your feet stay happy and healthy throughout the rest of the year.

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