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Relaxing Ways to Organize And Maintain A Personal Wellness Journal

Keeping a wellness journal is a great way to reflect on your progress, improve your habits and stay motivated.

Deciding what to write in a wellness journal can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some ideas for writing in your journal:

  • The top priority for the day. If you’re juggling multiple goals — losing weight, eating healthier or getting more exercise — make one of those tasks the top priority each day. You might even want to break each goal down into smaller steps and focus on just one or two steps at a time.
  • A recap of the previous day. Take stock of how yesterday went. Did you meet your goals? If not, why? Were there roadblocks that derailed you? What can you do differently today?
  • An area where you need more support. If you’re looking to make healthy changes, find people who will support your efforts and help keep you accountable. Identify what kind of support you need — whether it’s someone to exercise with, cheer you on or share tips with — and find ways to get that support.

Why Should You Start A Wellness Journal?

There are many reasons why starting a wellness journal is beneficial for your overall health, including:

  •  It helps you understand your emotions better. When you write about how or why you’re feeling certain emotions, it helps you understand them better. This can help you process these emotions so that they don’t take over your day. If this happens often, then try doing a daily emotional check-in with yourself before you start writing in the morning.
  • Keeping a wellness journal makes it easier to manage stress. When we experience stress or anxiety, it can affect our physical health, mental health, relationships.
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