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The Cold Season is Coming. How Can I Help My Skin Survive?

Harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin. Low temperatures and dry air can cause dry skin, chapped lips and irritation, which can lead to cracking and even infection. Here are some cold-weather tips to help you do battle with the elements and protect your skin:

1. Keep your hands warm. You may not realize it, but your hands take a beating during the winter. Your fingers are exposed to wind, rain and snow, all of which can cause chapping and cracking. Use a hand cream that contains ingredients like aloe, shea butter and vitamin E to help keep skin soft, smooth and supple.

2. Protect your face from the cold. Cold temperatures can cause flaking or itching on your face, as well as potentially more serious issues like eczema or even frostbite. Keeping moisturizers at hand is essential for avoiding these problems; the key is using one that’s designed for sensitive skin so you don’t further irritate it.

3. During the winter, it’s important to exfoliate, which helps remove dead cells from the top layer of skin and exposes new skin. This helps clear up blemishes as well as prevent dry skin from forming again. Scrub gently with soap and water or an exfoliation product

4. Use moisturizer regularly. As soon as winter hits and the air gets dry, your skin needs extra moisture to stay healthy. Look for moisturizers with hyaluronic acid or ceramides to give your face extra moisture. You should also avoid washing your face more often than needed.

5. Keep yourself hydrated. Winter air is dry and can rob the skin of moisture, causing it to crack and flake. Make sure to drink plenty of water every day so that you keep your body hydrated and help prevent irritation around the mouth and nose.

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