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Parents Buy Headgears to Make Their Babies’ Skulls Rounder

Not all babies are born with a perfect round head, and as we grow up, our hair tends to cover our skulls. Many flat head pillows on the market are used to reduce head pressure and mold flat skulls. According to social media reports, some Chinese parents buy headgears shaped like helmets to help their babies have the perfect round head. Apparently, round heads are considered beautiful in the Asian country. 

Headgears have been criticized by many, but they have become a trend

Another source mentions that parents buy head helmets for their children to use when they are babies because they have softer bones. In the past, flat heads used to be considered lucky, but not round heads were a beauty standard. Parents attach the molds to their children’s heads for several hours in the hopes that the soft head will become round. 

Head correction gears are used in private clinics

The same sources mention a social media post on the forum Xiaohongshu in which a mother explained that her baby had a flat head because she loved to sleep on his back. Because she could not convince her to sleep on her sides, the mother took him to a clinic to get a head-shaped correction mold. The daughter was seven months old at the time, and the clinic created custom-made headgear for her. 

The mother said that she believes headgears are as helpful as braces. They are both devices designed to make a person look more esthetically pleasing. Her goal was to help her child so that the baby does not grow up to regret having a flat head. 

Headgears can be bought online

Besides the head-shaping pillows and sleeping mats, some websites sell head-shape correction helmets for infants. Parents can choose from a variety of helmets and prevent their children from having a flat head. 


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