Elimination Diet Helps You Find What Food Makes You Feel Bad
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Elimination Diet Helps You Find What Food Makes You Feel Bad

Finding the right diet can sometimes be draining. We are all different, unique people, so one diet isn’t going to work for everyone. Some diets are based on cutting down the calories, other focus on nutrition. 

However, what about finding out what food makes you feel bad? First, you need to discover what you’re intolerant of. Sometimes the reason is obvious, especially when it comes to fast food, but it isn’t easy to notice which ingredient troubles your stomach when you eat proper food. 

Often, a restrictive diet can help you feel good. However, have you ever wondered whether it was the diet or the food you avoided? The elimination diet can help you discover which food makes you feel bad. Understanding your body and what food to avoid gives you a higher chance at overall health. 

Elimination diet but not quite

This is not a diet that will help you lose weight but make you feel good about yourself. The elimination diet focuses on taking out food from your diet. However, you need to keep track of everything you eat for a few weeks. Pay attention to how you feel after eating each food. 

It is important to eat what you usually eat in the beginning to figure out what to take out effectively. Make a list of symptoms, such as bloated, nauseous, etc. It can be a bit frustrating until you get a good grasp of it, but it is worth it. 

Also, pay attention to ingredients, such as lactose. White bread can also make you feel bloated. I like white bread, especially fresh, warm bread; however, it makes me feel bloated, so I reduced it from my diet. 

Once you have enough data and at least one week of free symptoms, you can slowly start reintroducing food you think makes you feel bad. This is just to check if the certain food/ingredient actually caused the bad symptoms. Also, make sure to reintroduce the food in small portions to avoid intense symptoms. Make sure to increase the proportion to see how that works for you. 

To better understand the elimination diet, check this study done by the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Wisconsin, Maidstone. Also, dont feel shy or ashamed to ask for professional help. Who doesn’t want to feel good and healthy?