How To Create Compost To Get Your Garden Through Winter
Image: Unplash

How To Create Compost To Get Your Garden Through Winter

Winter is fast approaching, and we need to get our beautiful plants ready for hibernation. Most people stop looking after their garden once the coldest season kicks in. However, this is not what experts advise. Compost can help your garden get through the winter. 

Creating a compost heap will help you provide a safe environment for your garden. Although it is still autumn, our plants might already start showing signs of dormancy. Therefore, I have prepared a few gardening tips to protect the local wildlife. Dont hurry to get your gardening tools inside!

Only a few people understand the importance of taking care of their garden through the winter season. The benefits for biodiversity are worth it. However, despite the benefits, people still dont feel confident to look after their outdoor spaces during the winter. 

As the temperature gets lower and lower, we still need to look after our outdoor space. Keep in mind that winter is a harsh season for almost everything, including wildlife. But, these short guidelines will help them get through the brutal winter. 

How to compost like a professional 

The first thing you need is a container box for your compost. Whether you have a small or big garden, it doesn’t matter. One style doesn’t fit everyone, so don’t worry too much about it. 

The next step is to build up the compost. However, it takes a little bit of thinking. Once you start filling it with green and brown waste, you need to take into consideration the wetness and dryness at all times. It might be a little difficult initially, but you will manage to balance moisture with dryness eventually. 

You need to cut the bigger parts into small items, such as branches, into small twigs. A garden shredder is also a smart option to break down on large items, especially if you have a big garden and a lot of waste to deal with. Make sure you add enough green waste to keep the compost moist.

Decomposition might take a while, but you can do a few things to speed up the process. First, make sure you position the compost box in sunlight. Also, turn your compost every few weeks. You can do so with a garden fork or any other tool you find easier to use.