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Best Self-Care Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

There’s some time left until Christmas, but there is nothing better than planning ahead. This year, instead of getting everyone more stuff, why not consider giving the gift of self-love, self-care and relaxation?
We’ve rounded up a selection of thoughtful gifts perfect for pampering a loved one, and making their own self-care a priority this Christmas.
1. Weighted blanket
Weighted blankets are gaining in popularity, and rightfully so. These blankets look like quilts and usually weigh between 15 and 30 pounds. They’re filled with materials, like wool, not just cotton, and are designed to cover you from head to toe, giving you what feels like being held or hugged.
2. Natural bath bombs
These fizzy bath bombs are easy to make and are filled with natural ingredients like essential oils and clays.
3. Bath salts
Bath salts add a relaxing scent to the tub and provide a natural exfoliant, too.
4. Makeup remover pads
A makeup remover pad is a thoughtful gift idea for a busy mum or woman on-the-go.
5. Body oil
This oil will help keep your skin hydrated and nourished.
6. Eye masks
These eye masks will help soothe tired eyes.
7. Face masks
Face masks are the perfect gift to give to someone who’s always on the go.
8. Hand cream
This hand cream will look luxurious under the Christmas tree.
9. Lip balm
Lip balm is an essential to carry in your makeup bag, and this minty flavour will make lips feel cared for.
10. Body scrub
A body scrub will help slough away dead skin and leave skin feeling soft.
11. Hair mask
This hair mask will help reduce frizz and leave hair looking shiny.

Whether it’s a gift for a mum, a friend or a sister, our range of gifts will put a smile on their face. However, while our gifts encourage a little ‘me’ time, there’s no need to be selfish about it. They’ll know that you’re celebrating with them, but they’ll also know that this gift goes a little way towards making life easier.

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