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Here’s How You Can Get Back Into Dating

Dating can be a frustrating process, especially when you put yourself out there and still don’t seem to get any results. If you find that you’re striking out more than you’re getting hits, it may be time to review your strategy. Here are our tips for getting a date:

  1. Be confident. Confidence is the number one game-changer in dating. The more you let self-doubt creep in, the harder it will be to meet someone you truly connect with.
  2. Don’t force it. It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying too hard or learning how to be confident when you aren’t. Steer clear of this pitfall by being yourself. Dating over 50 doesn’t have to be a stressful experience — just be yourself!
  3. Let someone help. If you’re struggling with confidence or online dating, consider asking a friend or family member for help. They can bring up things about your personality that you may not have thought of or help you write an online profile that best represents who you are as a person.
  4. Take your time. There is no rush to find “the one.” You can take your time and enjoy the experience of getting to know people.
  5. Be positive. The most attractive thing you can be when dating is positive, so banish any kind of negative talk from your vocabulary. If you feel like all the good ones are taken, remember that this isn’t true! There are plenty of people out there who want the same things as you do, and they will be more attracted to your positive attitude than a grumpy one.
  6. Be realistic about what you want in a partner. Don’t waste time dating people who aren’t right for you. It’s tempting to date someone just because they found you attractive or they were interested in dating you, but these aren’t the best reasons to make someone your partner. You need to find someone who wants the same things as you do and shares some of your interests and values.
Mary J. Payne
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