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Source: Pixabay

Pandemic Consequences: New Research Warns Of Catastrophic Mental Health Crisis

Experts have identified projected 76 million extra instances of anxiety and 53 million more cases of severe depressive disease compared to the number expected before the pandemic substantially raised in cases of global anxiety and depression.

The research has been the latest that shows how the pandemic has caused a major blow to mental health and it revealed that young individuals and women are much more susceptible than males and older people to be impacted by it.

“We believe [that] is because women are more likely to be affected by the social and economic consequences of the pandemic. Women are more likely to take on additional carer and household responsibilities due to school closures or family members becoming unwell. Women also tend to have lower salaries, less savings, and less secure employment than men, and so are more likely to be financially disadvantaged during the pandemic,” explained the lead author of the study.

In the experts’ opinion, the places most affected by the pandemic in 2020 have increased the prevalence of severe depressive illnesses and fear disorders, as assessed by reduced human mobility and daily COVID infection rate.

“Before 2020, mental disorders were leading causes of the global health-related burden, with depressive and anxiety disorders being leading contributors to this burden. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has created an environment where many determinants of poor mental health are exacerbated. The need for up-to-date information on the mental health impacts of COVID-19 in a way that informs health system responses is imperative,” reads the study.

This epidemic has made mental health services in most nations more urgent. Mitigation measures may include approaches to encourage mental well-being and targeted mental health determinants and mental health interventions. No measures shall be taken to deal with the load of serious depression and anxiety disorders.

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