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Weight loss and dieting are popular goals for many of us. Some people believe in exercising and eating in a calorie deficit, others swear by keto, and the list goes on. A recent study suggests that the intestinal microbiome helps with the weight loss process and with fatty livers. The results could mean that new supplements or treatments connected to gut bacteria might become essential and prescribed to those who need to lose weight.

Understanding what gut microbiota is

The intestinal microbiome, or gut bacteria, are bacteria, fungi, and tinny organisms that exist in our digestive tract. We all have different compositions of gut bacteria, and new research suggests these microbiome impact our mental health, immune system, and metabolism, hence weight loss. Gut bacteria influence glucose levels, appetite, and how the fat is stored inside the body.

According to a study, our intestinal microbiome composition can predict how our body responds to weight loss. People undergoing similar weight loss processes have had different results, and their gut bacteria composition was different. This means that some people need more effort to lose weight, while others can have better results with less effort.

Several other studies have determined several roles gut bacteria play in terms of health and weight loss. One study proved that people with low bacteria levels suffered from adiposity, insulin resistance, and dyslipidemia. Another study used 105 volunteers to determine the role of gut bacteria in the weight loss process. The conclusion was that many factors determine our success rate, such as our BMI, metabolic health, but microbiome, diet, and others. From the volunteers who lost the most weight, those with a higher BMI lost more weight.

How to deal with resistance to weight loss?

There are several trials and studies about weight loss and factors that contribute to losing weight. Most studies have concluded that the microbiome profile of a person can be used to predict weight loss. Before quitting your weight loss goal, a health provider might help you understand better how your body works.


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