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The Hidden Epidemic of Student Mental Health – How Can Parents Help?

Many students are feeling more isolated and anxious about the upcoming school year than they have in years past. Depression, anxiety, and other anxiety disorders can be hard to navigate for kids (and adults). They can be overwhelming–sometimes even debilitating–so it’s important to know where to turn for help. It’s hard for parents to know how to help their kids with these feelings. The school system isn’t handling it well either, with numerous rumors about the treatment of students.

Students are facing some serious mental health challenges this year as the total number of people affected by COVID-19 reaches record numbers. Teenagers across the country are resorting to major depression, bipolar disorder, and other disorders as they struggle with deciding which aspects of their lives to sacrifice in order to safeguard their family and friends.

Discuss with your children

This pandemic has affected a lot of students’ lives in a negative way. They may not feel safe at school, or they may be anxious about applying for scholarships or financial aid for college. Mental health is hard to treat and maintain consistently. That’s why it’s important to talk to kids early on about their feelings — whether they’re favorable or unfavorable — and how they can approach their current situation.

Adult mental health

We want to make sure kids are receiving the help they need, but also that adults are taking time for themselves. This pandemic has shown us that we need to be more mindful of the effects we have on others. Students need positive role models and they need to know there will be others supporting them. We need stories of people overcoming adversity.


Students need structure and routine in their lives in order to focus and learn effectively. This can be difficult when the stakes are high and there’s nowhere to go but forward. Students need emotional support in order to recover from their experiences, and this can come from friends, family, or other institutions

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