Drinking games for couples
Image: unsplash

7 Classic Drinking Games To Play With Your Partner

Drinking games are an excellent idea for an indoor date with your partner. Maybe you played some of them with your friends at college, but they work in a relationship too. A marriage requires new ideas to spice things up, and playing games is a perfect option. 

Without further ado, here are the best seven drinking games to play with your other half. 

The quiz 

Although it is a silly game, it can be fun and help you know each other better. The game is super easy to play and get drunk. It starts with a question such as “Where did we first meet?.” If the other person doesn’t know the answer, they have to take a shot.  

Spin The Bottle With a Twist 

Spin the bottle, and when it points to a thing or an object in the room, you have to perform something to amuse your other half. You can perform something sexy or dramatic or funny; it is up to you two to set the rules. Whoever fails to perform takes a shot. 

Drunken Artists

Alcohol makes you spit facts, but in this case, it will turn you into an artist. One of you has to draw something, and the other person has to guess. If someone fails to figure out the drawing, they have to drink. To make things more entertaining, set up a timer for each round. If you don’t want to draw on paper, you can use your partner’s hand palm or back. 

Russian Roulette

Play this classic game with shots of vodka and water. Mix the glasses and split them evenly between you and your partner. Whoever finishes the drinks first wins the round and gets to dare the other person to do whatever they like. Keep the rounds going and do the same with your imagination. 

Two Truths And One Lie

This game is very simple and fun to play. It will help you get your partner better as well. You have to tell your partner one lie and two truths, and if they don’t get it right, they have to take a shot. 

Never Have I Ever

This classic daring game is fun to discover new things about your partner. The game starts with the phrase ” never have I ever” flowed by an action. Every time the answer is “yes,” you have to drink. This is your chance to be sneaky and find out what your other half likes in a funny way. 

The Question-Answer Game

This drinking game is perfect for people who already know each other very well. Whenever one of you doesn’t want to answer a question, they have to drink up. Start with light questions and go deeper into various subjects.