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Things To Do To Avoid Comparison in Motherhood

How do I stop comparing myself to other moms? is a question that nearly every mother asks herself. But the truth is, we all do it — unconsciously comparing ourselves to those we perceive better than us. Most of us don’t realize that our self-worth is tied up in how well we compare ourselves to others. When you start comparing yourself in this way, it can be very difficult to see yourself as well-rounded or great at everything.

There’s a certain amount of perfectionism that goes into being a mother. And as a result, a lot of comparisons are made between other mothers and us. It’s natural to want to measure up to the high bar society has set for us, but it’s important not to do so in an unhealthy way. Here are some tips that will help you improve your mindset.

Use others as inspiration

Being inspired by what other people do, rather than being self-centered and judgmental, is one of the most important things we can learn in life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re female, male; we all need to be inspired by others and see life from different perspectives. It’s easy to get caught up in the competition to be “the best” at something. We mentor each other down the path towards excellence, but we also have a tendency to judge ourselves against others and second-guess our own abilities.

Reduce social media

There is a lot of noise on social media these days. Some of it is useful information that increases our knowledge and understanding of the world, but much of it is not. We spend too much time looking at what other people are doing and not enough time focusing on our own actions.

Find your personal definition of success

We get obsessed with trying to figure out what’s great. We worry about being content with what we have and wishing we could be better. There’s a fine line between contentment and wanting more. Knowing your personal definition of success allows you to avoid the trap of chasing after things you think will make you happy even when they don’t. Success is being satisfied with what you have right now. It’s not about dreaming about the next great thing. It’s about appreciating what you have right now and working hard to make sure it stays that way.”

Mary J. Payne
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